Extreme PC: Event Stage Concept SS 3
  • Project: Extreme PC Master Season 3
  • Designer: Tung Trinh Son
  • S.O.W: 3D Design, Event Stage
  • Client: Intel
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About project

Was known as the world’s largest manufacturer of PC microprocessors, Intel’s mission is not selling processor but creating trend and playground for end-user who have passion with PCs. In effort to be more professional, from 2016 till now, Tran Gia was asked to join Intel’s journey of creating and holding one of the biggest national modding competition.

After EXTREME PC MASTER was chosen to be the name of competition, Tran Gia started to investigate in build up the rules and regulations for the contest also the active, young and strong image for them. EXTREME PC MASTER is an event specialized in Modding Case creating a space that allows participants to learn, collaborate and, potentially, develop their business. After 5 seasons, the contest has already exposed many talented people and brought them together.

The logo of Extreme PC Master got the main inspiration from the idea of high technology and futurism, our direction for approaching is the combination of X-letter, metallic feeling in 3D look and Intel’s brand identity color pallete. The supplementary colors have been carefully chosen to go harmonious for flexibility usage.

Thanks Intel for choosing us as your partner of this wonderful journey!


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