M Vitamin logo, identity, package
  • Project: M Vitamin logo, identity, package
  • Designer: Catz Pipu, Trang Bomb
  • S.O.W: Logo Design, Graphic Design, Brand Identity, Packaging
  • Client: M Vitamin
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M Vitamin was established in 2016 - is an fresh juice store. we are offer 100% natural fresh fruit and vegetables which come from local farmer who follow sustainable farming methods. Our products not only play an important roles as a refreshment but also consistently provide vitamin to boost-up your health.

The inspiration comes from the nutrition and freshness of Vietnamese fresh fruit. We use bright, colorful, bold and eye-catching color to enhance the attraction of customer from anywhere or any angles. The image of fruit and vegetables is styled into symbols then rearrange to create an playful pattern putting on packaging and all other materials of M Vitamin.