Vietnam LAN Party Logo
  • Project: Vietnam LAN Party Logo
  • Designer: Catz Pipu, Dinh Duc
  • S.O.W: Logo Design, Branding
  • Client: Intel
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You may know Intel Processor. But Intel do so much more to make amazing experiences possible for society

And you may saw a downturn in LAN event activities as the internet became available in more homes. However, over the last 3 years there has been an increase in LAN Party activities. In Vietnam, Vietnam Lan Party (aka Đấu Trường Máy Tính) is one of the most amazing experience Intel giving for pro & semi-pro gamers. Besides Extreme PC Master, Đấu Trường Máy Tính is first and foremost about community and socializing, which mainly focus on gamers who thirsty to be part of the community sharing the same hobby. Intel created a chance for people to show up in person, not only about the big prize but powered-up the connection of gaming community.

With 3 seasons have passed, the 4th will be held at the end of 2018, Tran Gia is proud to be the main creative and event management from A-to-Z of Đấu Trường Máy Tính.

The logo of Vietnam Lan Party (aka Đấu Trường Máy Tính) got the main inspiration from the idea of old-but-gold colosseum, our direction for approaching is the combination of antique battle shield and flame. The supplementary colors have been carefully chosen to go harmonious for flexibility usage.